Willpower vs. Passion

In addition to coaching, I’m an author. I enjoy writing across genres and right now, I’m writing a novel. To learn how, I’ve been watching and reading classic stories as well as taking classes. There are themes to these things. First, there’s an unselfish goal. Our...

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Practice Makes Perfect

It would be amazing if we could wake up one day and be able to play the piano perfectly or know exactly how to diet, exercise, organize or budget. But that's probably not going to happen. Yet, this sort of magical thinking creeps in every January 1st. The truth is...

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Kids As Equals

I was speaking with a parent the other day about her 6 year old son who was “misbehaving” and “giving her a hard time.” After she spoke with me about it for some time and explained the need to punish him with more and more stringent measures, I asked her to take a...

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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

I was having lunch with a friend the other day and she was discussing her children and some of the choices they were making as adults. She was concerned about her son who had decided to quit his day job, downsize significantly and pursue his dream of being an artist....

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Punishing Mothers

A few years ago, my partner and I went out to dinner with our kids and extended family. I stopped into the restroom on our way out and heard some poor woman retching in the next stall. Her 4 year old daughter was standing by the sinks looking concerned. I asked the...

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How To Help Kids Learn To Think For Themselves

Sometimes parenting can feel like a constant battle with tempers flaring and no solution in site. It’s like a tug of war. Part of the problem is that both parent and child want to be in control. Another part of the problem is that regardless of who “wins” in a power...

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Reframing The Tantrum

I was on Facebook this past week and saw a meme I really liked. It said, “My child is not GIVING me a hard time. My child is HAVING a hard time.” That’s an important distinction because in one scenario we feel like parenting is a hassle and we just want our child to...

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